#IfWeHadARealMedia: Citizens push back against lapdog media

And so began #IfWeHadARealMedia. Citizens took to Twitter to push back against alleged "real journalists." The Fourth Estate is now totally insolvent and entering bankruptcy. For those unaware that the mainstream media is now filled with drooling sycophants and lapdogs begging for treats, these Twitter users offer some Teachable Moments.

HILARIOUS! Cult of Hillary loses its SHIZNIT at The Atlantic for suggesting Hillary should SHADDUP about 2016

Wow, this has gotta sting, Hillary. A lot. When Leftist rags like The Atlantic are even telling Hillary to take a hike … HA! We love this: Hillary Clinton dismisses those who tell her to stop relitigating her 2016 loss, but if she doesn't she will likely cost the Democrats in the midterms and harm...

‘Know who else has been targeting Tea Party? The media’: Iowahawk shreds media ‘pathetic moral cretins’

And with that, Iowahawk blasted the “pathetic media cretins,” like the New York Times who today frantically tried to spin the IRS’ targeting of conservatives.  Greg Gutfeld recently called the media “Obama’s scandal condom.” Now it’s Iowahawk’s turn. Take it away, Iowahawk! Moral Cretin=> RT @fivethirtyeight IRS story seems like a potential goldmine for GOP base...

Self-parody press: Violent Mich. protest reported as 'mostly peaceful'

Oh, my. Media self-beclowning continues and, once again, Twitter was prescient. As Twitchy reported, lapdogs in the media ignored union thuggery and violence in Mich. They are far too busy inventing Tea Party violence! Twitter users just knew that the Michigan union thugs would be described as ‘mostly peaceful.’ waiting for @jammiewf's favorite phrase: "Mostly...

Obama tape shows lapdogs caught burying bones; What did palace guard media know, when did they know it?

This is the key take-away from the Obama race speech tape. What did the palace guards known as the media know, and when did they know it? Oh, boy. Media lapdogs sure don't like being caught burying bones. That is exactly what is going on here, with all the cries of "this isn't news!" See, they were caught burying bones in their Ivory Tower backyards. As Twitchy reported, they started enabling Team Obama spin and lies last night, and continued this morning, all in an effort to try to keep their bones buried

Lapdog collusion: MSNBC’s Scarborough runs deceptively edited Romney/Ryan chant video; Tweets confirm; Update: Scarborough whines

What video? Oh, just one that Joe Scarborough ran on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" and other media outlets breathlessly ran with it. MSNBC ran a clip that tried to paint a false narrative. They claimed that a crowd at a rally was chanting the name Ryan. And that Mitt Romney jumped in and tried to get them to chant Romney instead. What really happened? The opposite of what they claimed.

We called it: Lapdog media covers up Biden shooing press off line

Who knew? We did. As Twitchy reported yesterday, Joe Biden staffers shooed reporters off the rope line and wouldn't allow any questions. The day before, the media and the Left (again, concentric circles on a Venn diagram) made great hay out of a Romney staff error regarding press and the rope line. There were articles galore bashing Team Romney. We suspected the lapdog media would not apply the same standards to the most transparent administration evah. Double standards as always. But, then, we suppose it's hard to write articles while carrying water.

#WaPo hashtag ignites as Washington Post's hit piece on Romney falls apart

Yesterday, the Washington Post tried to gin up outrageous outrage over an alleged "bullying" incident involving Mitt Romney while he was in prep school. Soon after, it began unraveling as people who do the job that the media doesn't want to discovered just how much hackery and outright false information was included in the hit piece. Twitter once again calls out this latest egregious move by the lapdog media and it sparked the hashtag #WaPo

Here Is The 2016 GOP Convention Schedule #RNCinCLE

As an Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization, Donald Jr. works in tandem with his siblings Ivanka and Eric to expand the company's real estate, retail, commercial, hotel and golf interests nationally and internationally. … Kerry Woolard is the General Manager at Trump Winery, a 1,300-acre estate located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in central Virginia. … A fourth-generation resident of Kern County, California, he grew up in a working-class family and ran a small business, Kevin O's Deli…

Coming unglued: Trump/Pence chatter triggers Harry Reid’s Koch habit

Is there a fourth option? … The network's unwillingness to activate its ground operation and advertising resources to back Trump has exasperated some top Republican donors and highlighted the deep rift between the billionaire real-estate developer and some of the most influential figures in the conservative movement…