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The Staff:

Lori Ziganto @snarkandboobs

Lori is a home-schooling mom to a “tween” daughter (oh, the humanity). She is also daughter of Daft Scottish Mom, who calls her an ‘awful wee lassie’ on a daily basis. She cannot argue with this assessment. She is one of those icky fiscal and social Conservatives. Between laundry, being on the receiving end of eye rolls and school, Lori is also a blogger who wrote for RedStateHuman Events,CafeMom and Big Journalism.  Lori also very much enjoys the evil substances known as salt, red meat, and bacon and Waffle House. Cracker Barrel is for fancy, special occasions.

Sarah D. @sarahbellumd

Sarah was born just outside of Chicago to two pretty awesome parents. Seriously. They’re awesome. While attending college in Iowa, she majored in biology, got even more turned off by leftism, and saw a lot of corn. She currently lives in Colorado with her handsome husband. Also, she can see mountains from her house. Sweet! She loves food and dogs and languages and “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.” She’s addicted to Twitter and thinks Roald Dahl was the greatest writer ever, even though he was kind of a huge jerk in real life. And she wishes she were taller. That’d be nice.

Brett Taylor @punkasscracker

Brett is a husband and father of two who has lived his life near the Great Lakes. Several years spent in academia studying English literature convinced him he wasn’t a liberal after all. He is an avid Anglophile who enjoys reading manga, entering remix competitions, and live DJing his wife’s treadmill workouts.

Doug Powers @ThePowersThatBe

Doug was born and raised in Michigan, where he still resides with his wife and three children who have reached an educational level where he is no longer capable of helping them with their homework. He grew interested in political writing after reading P.J. O’Rourke in Rolling Stone and hasn’t looked back since. Doug became a conservative while working as a grocery store cashier at age 19, when a customer paying with a welfare check that required management approval accused him of not working hard enough to make it happen. He went on to a 20-plus year career at a television station before going into writing, blogging and editing full time. In his down time, Doug enjoys spending time with his family, dreaming up a blueprint for the ultimate garage man cave but never following through on it, and rooting the Detroit Lions on to another season win total usually somewhere in the low single digits.

Greg Pollowitz @GPollowitz

Greg is a New Yorker who grew up in Los Angeles and now lives in Miami with his wife and two kids. Before joining Twitchy, Greg worked in finance and as a blogger for National Review Online. He’s a lifelong news-junkie, amateur chef and an avid fan of the classics: Ohio State football and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He used to love to play golf, but finally came to his senses in 2011, declaring the game “not fit for man nor beast.”

Jacob Bunn @jacobbunn

Jacob’s passion is his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and is studying Public Relations in college. He is a sports reporter, writer, and podcaster, primarily covering college football. He is a member of the Football and Basketball Writers Associations of America. He owns and publishes www.BunnSports.com. Additionally, he is involved in various other sports media projects.

William Amos @williamamos

William has a degree in International Studies/Russian Language. He has worked as a political intern in both state and federal races.  He enjoys politics, both foreign and domestic. He has been a Republican since he cast his first vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980. He loves to travel and has a dream to get on the TV Travel show “The Amazing Race” with his brother.

Sam Janney @politibunny

Sam is a wife and mom of two who has spent the last four years fighting for conservative principles as a political … bunny. If you read her tweets it all makes sense, trust us. With nearly 20 years in communications and marketing, Sam finally found her dream job at Twitchy, writing about politics with a dash of snark and comedy. Additionally she has written for Politichicks and various conservative blogs and sites throughout the years, including her own Politibunny blog plus hosted a fairly well-known podcast. In her spare time, Sam enjoys cooking, crocheting, making liberals cry and power tools; ask her about her chainsaw.