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OH BABY, NO! Gen Z Influencer Claims Biden Is 'Surging' and Twitter Carpet Bombs Him With Facts

Joe Biden is struggling with many constituent groups that Democrats critically count on to be able to win elections. We've written extensively on Twitchy about his struggles with minorities, including Latino and black voters. 


There is another group that Biden is struggling with, however, and that is young voters. Recent polling shows that Biden and Donald Trump are actually TIED among young voters, which is a disaster for Democrats. 

The main reason for this, of course, is that even young voters can see the disaster Biden had made of the country, particularly the economy. There is also some truth to the fact that many young people today may not be nearly as 'woke' as Democrats would like them to be. 

But another reason might be that the Gen Z 'influencers' on the payroll of Democrats to boost their candidate couldn't possibly be more cringe.  Twitchy readers know all about Harry Sisson, Chris Mowrey, Olivia Julianna, and Victor Shi. Their main talent seems to be getting ratioed on Twitter for their hilariously awful takes. 

One name you might be less familiar with is Luke Beasley, a 21-year-old YouTuber who is just as cringeworthy as all of the names listed above. We haven't covered him too often at Twitchy because Beasley doesn't have a huge following on Twitter. On YouTube, however, he's got about half a million followers. 

We're not sure what he says in his videos on that platform, but he sure seems to like yellow arrows a lot: 

Yikes. That's a little sketchy, kid. 

Yesterday, Beasley decided to set aside his yellow arrows and Impact font to try to convince Twitter how great Biden was doing in all the polls. 


LOL. Did you notice something missing from Beasley's tweet? Twitter did. 

The source, we're pretty sure, was 'Trust me, bro.'

Of course, Beasley HAD no source for his claim, he just assumed everyone would take his word for it. 

Yeah, no. 

A huge ratio and tons of receipts later, Twitter had told Beasley in no uncertain terms to take his hilariously bad gaslighting act back to YouTube. 



Oof, oof, and OOF! 

Things were not going well for Beasley and they only got worse.  

Ahem, we can neither confirm nor deny that claim, but we know there's a reason 'Do the Biden' is a new trend on social media. 


Hey, don't rule out either one. Both idiots and the deceased are core parts of the Democrat base. 


Suffice it to say, no one was buying what Beasley was selling. 


It might be intervention time for Beasley. Give him a safe space where people who love him can tell him to stop getting high and posting cringe on Twitter.

Seriously. The DNC should demand their money back if this is the level of propaganda they're getting from their Gen Z 'influencers.' 

OK, that is just CREEEEEEEPY. Ugh. We have to delouse now.

HAHAHA. Now, THAT is a very real possibility. Assuming Biden doesn't write in 'Corn Pop' when he votes in November. 



No, it doesn't work anymore. But Beasley is too young or too dumb to realize it (probably both). 

There's very little question that this will be a close election. We're not sure a landslide in an American presidential election -- like Nixon in '72 or Reagan in '84 -- is even possible anymore. 

And while everyone's opinions of both candidates are pretty well established by now, there is always the possibility that there will be an event that could turn the tide. But it's difficult to imagine any event that would turn it in Biden's favor. 

Given all of that, we're not surprised at the continued gaslighting. We expect it to come in full force from Democrats between now and November. 

But wow, they really need to get some people who are better at it than Luke Beasley and his Gen Z cohorts. Because this was just embarrassing. 

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