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Former CDC director drops some more science: Violence harms public health, and protesting outside poses tiny COVID risk

The nation’s governors, most of whom said their decisions on the lifting of statewide stay-at-home orders would be guided by science, are now out participating in marches. New York City Bill de Blasio, who was booed off the stage Thursday at a vigil for George Floyd, has explained that the massive protests are OK because 400 years of racism in America is not the same thing as wanting to reopen your hair salon or go to church.


As Twitchy reported Wednesday, NPR featured a letter signed by dozens of health and public disease experts explaining that “white supremacy is a lethal public health issue” that needs to be dealt with as well as the coronavirus. Now the former director of the Centers for Disease Control has weighed in, explaining that the risk of spreading COVID-19 at outdoor protests is tiny, compared to … you know the thing.

So much science!


There is so, so much wrong with that tweet … especially the claim that “no one was concerned” about the “domestic terrorists” who “stormed” the state capitol in Michigan. Yeah, we barely heard about that … no wait, it’s all we’re hearing about now as people try to make some sort of weak comparison to the looting and riots that ravaged Minnesota.





We’re so confused. They let prisoners out of jail because it was a breeding ground for coronavirus, but then they arrested a woman who opened her hair salon and put her in jail. Then they arrested a bunch of rioters and the local prosecutor let every one of them go free to go back to what they were doing. But Bill de Blasio will still have you arrested if you try to have a funeral or teach classes (and you’re Jewish).

This virus is weird.


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