We’re not sure who the man is doing the introductions at this Brooklyn vigil for George Floyd, but he did make a noble attempt to save face by trying to get a “Respect!” chant going after Mayor Bill de Blasio was met with boos on being introduced — not surprising, seeing as he’s in charge of the police force and said that there wouldn’t have been an issue with an NYPD SUV driving through a human barricade “if those protestors had just gotten out of the way.” He had a point, but it wasn’t likely to be appreciated by this crowd.

Anyway, we’re not sure if the speaker knew what was coming because he telegraphed that the crowd should welcome de Blasio “with respect.”

Was it that obvious?

We couldn’t help but notice the man to the right doesn’t have on his coronavirus mask. And how many people removed their masks so they could yell into the same contaminated microphone one after the other?

De Blasio didn’t hesitate to break up a Jewish funeral for a beloved rabbi himself and promise arrests just over a month ago if it happened again.

* * *


Sounds like his speech was just as well accepted: