We’ve been hearing a lot about this over the past few weeks. While a lot of citizens are on lockdown and not allowed to leave their homes except for essential trips to the grocery or doctor, cities have been pondering what to do with prisoners. The ACLU has called for all inmates most susceptible to the coronavirus to be released immediately. It wasn’t immediate, but it’s happening. Here are a few stories we’re seeing in our timelines Tuesday.

New York has released almost 1,000 inmates.

Not to be outdone, California is reported to be granting early release to 3,500 inmates.

The citizens of Houston can get ready to welcome 1,000 former inmates back into the community:

Oh, and a judge has ordered ICE to release just 10 chronically ill illegal immigrants, but we’d be willing to be that number will rise.

Hopefully, all of the criminals released across the country will take Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s advice and just “chill” under the coronavirus has passed.

At least one GOP lawmaker has raised the alarm: