We realize that folks like Julia Ioffe need to play identity politics because it’s all they really have but c’mon, trying to compare the Minneapolis riots to the protesters in Michigan? Stop it. That’s clearly gas lighting of the highest order:

No, because they didn’t break any laws.

We assume if they had stolen items, destroyed property, assaulted people, and set fires they’d have been treated the same way.

But we’re just spitballin’.

They’re such as*holes.

We’d ask if you guys remember Wajahat as the guy who crapped all over middle America with Rick Wilson on CNN but we know nobody can remember who he is so we won’t bother. Others were more than happy to step in and explain why the comparison was stupid.

Hey, if the protesters in Michigan set buildings on fire and stole a bunch of televisions we’d absolutely agree about their being similar but considering they didn’t break any laws at all? Eh.

You’d think by now they’d know their racism card is overplayed buuut nope.

The derp is strong with these two.



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