A year ago, if you’d have told this editor she would be arguing with people about MASKS of all things she’d have accused you of eating paint chips as a kid and yet, here we are. The biggest argument now is not that opening the states means evil conservatives want grandma to die (although that’s still out there a bit), no no, now it’s WEAR A MASK OR YOU’RE A MONSTER.

A mask that by all accounts doesn’t do a whole lot unless you’re wearing one that medical professionals wear and even then … eh. The masks we’re seeing people wear made of cotton with little patterns that they put on, take off, put on, take off, then hang on their rearview mirrors because you know, they do so much to protect us from THE VIRUS, don’t really do anything to protect you or others. But they’re cute, or something.

And don’t get us wrong, if you want to wear a mask, by all means, wear one. But the government shouldn’t be telling Americans they have to.

That’s crap.

Hey, don’t just take it from us:

Eleventy BILLION ventilators!

Eleventy BILLION tests every day!

He’s right, the joke isn’t funny anymore.

Keep reading.

God no, it’s all about an agenda at this point and anyone else telling you otherwise has something for sale or an election to win.

Putting a t-shirt on your face will protect you from COVID.

They’ve got to be sh*tting us.

Suddenly masks will SAVE US ALL!!!

It’s all so damn stupid.

Anything to protect that narrative ya’ know.

This is no longer about public health and safety, it’s about power and control.

Mail-in ballots?

Forced vaccinations?

Making us listen to Nickelback?

Who knows.

Editor’s note: Big thanks to Julie Borowski for the use of her Liberty Junkies image. – sj



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