We have seen several photos and videos posted on social media of the riots in Minneapolis on Wednesday but this thread does a really good job of showing the progression throughout the day from when they started looting Target to when the ‘fires’ started.

It’s actually really well-done, take a look:

We couldn’t help but notice a lot of what’s being ‘shopped’ is home goods.

Think maybe being pent up in their homes and losing their jobs had anything to do with this? Gosh …


Across the street.


A Target-cart fort!

As the sun starts to go down it always gets worse …

There couldn’t have been much left at this point, right? Wow.

Most people support the protests because there are no words to adequately describe how awful what happened to George Floyd is but the looting? C’mon.

Now it’s a real riot.

Sorry, we did sort of giggle at the note about the library.

Viruses, locusts, now riots.

Ok SMOD. Any day now.



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