You’d think Kathy Griffin would have learned a thing or two when she all but imploded after her ‘posting pics of herself with the president’s severed head’ bit went horribly wrong but nope. She had to go and make another threat to Trump’s life …

The sad thing about far too many comedians is that they’ve forgotten how to be funny because they’re far too focused on how much they hate Trump and his supporters.

When she admitted Trump broke her way back when she was telling the truth.

Welp, the DC Examiner reached out to both Twitter and the Secret Service for comment on her tweet that ultimately landed her in ‘Twitter Jail.’

Since Kathy is so big and brave she handled his tweet about the Secret Service just fine.


She lost her sh*t.

Ooooh, she’s so tough, especially with how she’s exploiting the dead to excuse her own gross and disrespectful behavior.

This went over about as well as you’d expect:

Mayor of Clownsville.

Love it.

Years and years and years ago.

There it is.

That’s how you do it, Andy Dick.

Wait, sorry.

Kathy. We meant Kathy.

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