Remember when politicians swore by the CDC? We suppose once the ‘data and science’ stopped supporting their lockdown and draconian, authoritarian measures to use the virus as a weapon against Trump in November they moved on to another ‘model.’

As long as it’s politically advantageous to certain people for Americans to continue suffering this won’t change … sorry, not sorry.

CDC itself has admitted the following:

Little late to the party, CDC.

So what’s the deal with extended lockdowns, masks, and other BULLSH*T?

Oh, that’s right, it’s political. We said that up there.


And if they do come up with a vaccine some people will want it, others won’t. You know, sort of like the flu.

Yeah yeah, we’re not supposed to compare it to the flu.

*eye roll*

Yes, dammit.

It’s all so ridiculous, right?

Show us you’re a GOOD PERSON, put on the mask! Do as you’re told.

Have we mentioned yet today that everything is stupid?



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