Back in January President Biden grew annoyed with Peter Doocy and was caught on a hot mic calling the Fox News White House reporter a “stupid son of a b*tch.” If Trump had said that about Jim Acosta can you imagine the media hyperventilating about our “democracy” never having been in more peril?

Late this week Biden press secretary and future MSNBC star Jen Psaki was on the podcast of former Obama staffers, Pod Save America, and was asked about it. Psaki pretty much doubled down on Biden’s previous slam on Doocy:

Psaki’s usually doing clean-up duties on Biden’s comments, but this time she felt compelled to grab a mop and go to work on her own remarks about Doocy:

Remember when Biden promised to fire anybody on his staff who treated others with disrespect? Obviously that doesn’t include Fox News employees.

“Yeah, I hit that guy but I also complimented him on his ability to take a punch.”

Hence the soon-to-be large paycheck from MSNBC.



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