Why on earth would a sweet old man like Joe Biden think it’s appropriate to refer to a young reporter as “a stupid son of a bitch”? His comment about Peter Doocy yesterday in response to a valid question about inflation seems pretty ridiculous, not to mention nasty.

One would think that journalists across all networks and outlets would rally to Doocy’s defense and condemn Biden for his remarks. The catch, of course, is that Doocy works for Fox News. And that means the MSM needs to rally to Biden’s defense instead.

That’s where NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell comes in:

Yes, look at it:

Joe Biden doesn’t like it when he gets asked about things that are extremely relevant to hundreds of millions of Americans!

Trump often answered unrelated questions anyway.

But Peter Doocy really should’ve been more considerate before asking a question about inflation. It’s about respecting Joe Biden’s feelings, after all. Keeping him happy, not making him upset.

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