We remember all of the takes from liberal journalists after President Joe Biden’s rare press conference last week about how he didn’t lash out at any reporters as the former guy did. Actually, he did get very testy with RealClearNews’ Philip Wegman, who asked him about his speech in which he compared those who opposed a federal takeover of elections with famous racists and segregationists.

Here’s Yamiche Alcindor commenting on what a change it was that Biden didn’t lash out at reporters.

We can’t tell for sure if it was Fox News’ Peter Doocy’s question as Biden’s handlers were rushing the press out of the room, but Biden mumbled that the reporter was a “stupid son of a b*tch.”

Biden seems a little touchy about inflation. And being asked questions.

Didn’t Biden say the press were the smartest people he knows?

Isn’t this a direct attack on the free press? Doesn’t it make all reporters less safe? Doocy’s life could be in danger now. Let’s see “Reliable Sources” take that angle.


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