A lot of people have responded to CNN’s Brian Stelter’s old “Reliable Sources” newsletter entry after President Donald Trump called a reporter a son of a b*tch. Stelter described it as an “anti-media attack” that exposed journalists to threats and intimidation. Yes, it was an “anti-media attack.” We’d been wondering how Stelter would cover President Biden doing the same thing, and it seems that he and everyone else at CNN have agreed to say that Biden “deadpanned” in response to Peter Doocy’s question about inflation hurting Democrats’ chances.

Here’s Stelter reporting on Monday’s anti-media attack:

CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins also reported that Biden deadpanned.


Make that third reporter. Here’s CNN’s DJ Judd explaining how Biden deadpanned.

“Deadpanned” vs. an “attack.” What a difference a (D) makes.