Remember when Joe Biden promised to take swift, decisive action against any member of his administration he heard treating a colleague with disrespect or talking down to someone?

Inquiring minds wanted to know: how would Team Biden handle the revelations about Deputy Press Secretary T.J. Ducklo’s alleged threats against and sexual harassment of reporter Tara Palmieri?

Well, apparently, they’d handle it a little something like this:

Wow. You made him send a personal note to Tara Palmieri? Harsh.

As is this:

That’ll teach him a lesson!

This teaches us a lesson, too: that when Joe Biden says he won’t tolerate conduct like T.J. Ducklo’s, he’ll actually tolerate conduct like T.J. Ducklo’s.

So much for firing Ducklo on the spot, huh?

Apparently it’s not as unacceptable as we were led to believe.