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The Drum Beat Gets Louder: NY Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado Issues Statement Calling on Biden to Step Down

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

After Nancy Pelosi punted about Biden stepping down on Morning Joe -- and then snapped at a reporter who asked her the same question later in the day -- and George Clooney called for Biden to drop out of the race, this has to be unwelcome news to the campaign.


New York's Lt. Governor, Antonio Delgado, has called for Biden to step aside.

The statement reads:

President Biden deserves our eternal gratitude for what he has accomplished. By defeated Donald Trump in 2020, and leading our nation's recovery out of the pandemic, he has helped to restore faith in America both at home and abroad. I have immense respect and admiration for his deep and abiding commitment to the American people and our founding democratic ideals. He can add to his legacy, showing his strength and grace, by ending his campaign and making room for a new leader.

There is no greater threat to our democracy than former President Donald Trump. He must be defeated. That is why I join with millions of Americans -- including everyday New Yorkers from all walks of life -- who are expressing legitimate concerns about President Biden's ability to wage a successful campaign against Trump. Sustaining our collective belief in democracy and trust in our democratic institutions requires those of us in elected office to be straight with the American people. Dismissing these voices out of hand is misguided and dangerous.

I believe we should move forward with a nominee capable of reinvigorating and reenergizing Americans who are determined to protect our democracy, who want to do so with a candidate they believe can win.


Hoo boy.

The Biden camp was hoping to use the race card to stop the calls to drop out. Guess that plan didn't work out so well, huh? 

That's what some Democrats are arguing.

And that would be why.

Not everyone was happy about this:

It's going to be a referendum on the Democratic Party policies that have made people unable to afford food and gas.

That's the problem -- if Biden can't run a campaign, how is he fit to serve until January?


Let them fight amongst themselves.

Weird how the party of democracy didn't hold a primary this time.

Let us repeat this, because we cannot emphasize it enough: The Democratic Party is in this position because it, and its media arm, lied about Biden's cognitive health right up until the June 27th debate.

They made this bed.

Biden's lead in NY shrunk from 23 points in 2020 to single digits today.


Hochul was one of the governors who said she's standing behind Biden.

It must be.

No lies detected.


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