13 dead U.S. service members in Afghanistan? Meh. Sh*t happens. You live, you learn, you move on.

Gas prices hitting astronomical levels? Hey, man. It’s not really happening, but if it is happening, it’s all for the best. Clean energy, baby!

Inflation? What can you do, really?

But if you wanna try passing a law that prohibits teachers from talking to five- to eight-year-old kids about sexuality and gender identity, you will most definitely be hearing from Jen Psaki about it:

So the bill is horrific! It’s a form of bullying! It’s discriminatory! It’s not good or healthy for children like, say, sex-ed summer camp or “Sexy Summer Camp,” apparently neither of which are disturbing or problematic to the Biden administration.

Gotta love those priorities.

Lot of that going around lately.

Anyway, in addition to clearly not reading the actual text of the bill, it’s also worth noting that Jen Psaki clearly wasn’t familiar with her boss Joe Biden’s own past takes on sexuality education for children, which, despite being inconvenient, seem quite apropos.

Is this like a Barack Obama thing and Joe Biden has “evolved”? We actually sincerely hope not, because it’s not evolution to come around to exposing young children to frank discussions of sexuality and gender identity, particularly when parents are not consulted at all.

We’re pretty sickened right now, if Jen wants to know the truth.



Jen Psaki says President Biden stands with LGBTQI+ students against Florida’s ‘hateful legislation’

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