Jen Psaki, the queen of talking points, lecturing others about talking points … that’s cute.

Boy howdy, those internals for Biden on what’s happening with energy prices in America right now must be absolutely horrendous for her to get on Twitter and say all the things Biden isn’t cohesive enough to say. It’s hard for Obama to have his third term when the old white guy puppet can’t say what needs to be said, so send out P-Sucky.

This still didn’t go over all that great:



Nobody in the Biden admin would know a fact if one fell out of the sky, landed on their faces, and started to wiggle but do go on.

Russia’s actions caused gas to go up the day after Biden took office.


Keep going.

Americans know the Biden administration is trying to blame Putin for all of this, yes.

Clean energy technology.

Even though solar panels are made in China.

And C’MON, really with the bad actor crap? We’re looking at a bad actor in this very thread.

Try to move past the talking points.

As she writes an entire thread of talking points.

Holy Hell.

Psh, that’s low compared to what we’ll see today.



Let us know when you start banning Russian oil and really sanction Putin.

Don’t believe yer lyin’ eyes or somethin’.



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