Phil Kerpen was good enough to watch this Rochelle Walensky interview and provide us the ‘highlights’ in a thread so we didn’t have to watch it.

He’s doing God’s work.


Take a look:

We’d call them ‘low lights’.

This is pretty low.

Yeah, Rochelle, laugh it up.

Because millions of Americans losing their jobs, their businesses, years of school, and even their lives is super funny.


Nobody said it? WHAT NOW? Isn’t it their job to freakin’ figure it out?

She wanted to be helfpul. To whom? The teacher’s unions?

And where is the angry little COVID gnome? Did he go into hiding until after the mid-terms? Notice we do not say his name because like Beetlejuice, we worry that if we say his name too much he’ll show back up.


Hell no.

She’s just obnoxious.

Suitable for the CDC.


And listens to too many teacher’s unions.



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