As Twitchy reported earlier, Florida Senate Democrats made asses of themselves parading through the hallways singing, “Gay, gay, gay.” This, of course, was a direct response to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the actual name of which is the Parental Rights in Education bill, not that you’d pick that up from national media coverage. And the word “gay” isn’t even in the bill. As Matt Walsh points out, the bill aims to keep discussions about sexuality and gender out of elementary schools.

Last summer we did a post on a British journalist who was surprised at the reaction to her deleted tweet which suggested that someone needs to create entry-level porn for children. It would be soft-core stuff that would highlight consent and stuff like that. That suggestion didn’t fly with the majority of people. So how about a sex-ed summer camp for kids in grades 3 to 5? It’s real, and it’s not spectacular:

“Vocabulary for topics surrounding sexual orientation and gender identities” will be featured along with “what condoms are and why they are used.”

There seems to be quite a debate brewing over that idea in Florida. As we wrote about a couple of years ago, a public school in Brooklyn was taking first graders to Drag Queen Story Hour to learn about “gender fluidity and family structures.”

Ms. Ashley is simply stepping in to do what parents might be reluctant to do, such as demonstrate condom usage.

“Wonderful Me! 3 Virtual Sex Ed Workshops for Young Minds and Bodies.”

They’re always talking about “national conversations,” and we should probably be having one about sex-ed in schools. Florida Republicans are just trying to keep conversations about sex and gender out of the youngest grades, while Democrats are literally parading around saying “gay” to each other.


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