Having drag queens read to children at a public library first caught our eye back in the summer of 2017 at a library in Edmonton, Alberta. We really thought it was a one-time thing confined to Canada, but then it kept popping up in our timelines at other public libraries. We didn’t know that Drag Queen Story Hour was founded in San Francisco and now has 42 official chapters across the United States alone.

Drag queens and kids just go together, it seems, just as kid drag queens seem to have gone mainstream; expect the feature-length documentary “Drag Kids” to premiere sometime later this year.

We’re not at all surprised to learn that public schools have been hosting Drag Queen Story Hour; PS118 says they’ve been having Drag Queen Story Hour for the past few years to read to first-graders and teach them about inclusiveness, gender fluidity, and family structures. The New York Times even wrote it up.

Why the push for schools and libraries? There are plenty of adult venues available to host drag shows.

About “family structures.”

Yeah, you have to send in six bucks with your kid and a field trip permission slip.