As Twitchy reported, things didn’t go entirely smoothly at Washington, D.C.’s pride parade this weekend, as a group of Black Lives Matter protesters blocked a parade car we can only assume was filled with gay, racist cops.

As if Americans needed one more reminder of just how great Canada is, there were no such disruptions reported at drag queen story time at a branch of the Edmonton Public Library. (By the way, YEG is the code for the Edmonton International Airport.)

Remind us again … what excuses did we hear from all the Hollywood celebrities who had pledged to move to Canada were Trump elected? Justin Trudeau still would love to welcome you.

The little princesses in the audience seemed to enjoy meeting the queens afterward.

That’s quite an endorsement — how many dads are going to feel a little less than fabulous now when they show up for story time in khakis and an oxford shirt?

* * *