What’s a 9-year-old drag queen to do? He’s too young to host Drag Queen Story Time at the local library, so he’s left to do shows in clubs, and apparently the demand is great. We’ve done several posts on these young drag-queens, including Canada’s “Lactatia,” but now there’s a feature documentary following the lives of four 9-year-old drag queens, and the distributors are expecting a wide release next year after an October premiere in New York.

Queerty talked to director Megan Wennberg, who followed the four prepubescent drag queen around and captured their stories on film. Wennberg says, “The trolls have lost their minds over Drag Kids with all that child abuse bullsh*t,” adding:

We discussed [gender identity] a bit. It was led by the kids, something they brought up. In Jason’s case, he’s now come out as gay. Stephan is gender-fluid. He hasn’t decided if he likes boys or likes girls or likes both, but he says there are days he feels like a boy, and days he feels like a girl. He balances accordingly. Even the scene where he’s packing his suitcase to go to Montreal, he was a boy that day and he wanted none of the drag stuff. He wasn’t packing any dresses or anything like that. It was like I’m a boy. It was all onesies and tracksuits.


Bracken isn’t sure. Nemis says his pronoun hasn’t been invented yet. Which is awesome.

It’s nice that the parents love it, and in some cases encourage it, because a lot of adults are not on board.

Yes, they said the homophobia that follows. If you don’t think 9-year-olds should be doing drag performances in adult clubs, you’re homophobic.

Sadly, the whole movement seems to be gaining mainstream traction: first, there are puff pieces in places like Elle, then appearances on “Good Morning America,” and now a feature documentary, which hopefully will never make it to wide release.