President Joe Biden has tweeted many times that transgender people can count on him as an ally; transgenderism even made it into his recent State of the Union address. And in January, Vice President Kamala Harris debuted what we can only imagine is the Biden administration’s official alphabet for the LGBT community: LGBTQI+ (with the I standing for intersex, we believe, and the plus sign as a place marker for anyone they forgot to include, like the “two-spirited” indigenous community).

We note that because in Jen Psaki’s tweet about the passage of Florida’s “hateful legislation,” she too uses LGBTQI+, so get used to seeing that.

Let’s be honest here: how is Florida’s bill hateful or harmful to “vulnerable” students? All it says is that school staffers aren’t to have classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade. To us, the onus is on the anti-“Don’t Say Gay” bill to explain why teachers should be leading classroom discussions about gender identity in kindergarten. Why is that so important? Transgender kindergarteners are going to get picked on?

Very well said. As we reported a couple of years ago, a public school was taking a busload of first graders to Drag Queen Story Hour. Maybe it’s just us, be we thought drag was for adult audiences, but apparently, first graders need to learn about gender fluidity and family structures.

If you follow Libs of Tik Tok (and you should), you’ve seen plenty of activist teachers trying to sexualize young children, and it’s frightening to know that these are teachers by the way they act.

“Hateful” legislation.


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