We’re not sure where this was or who decided it was a good idea to put Vice President Kamala Harris behind a podium. She really could have saved a lot of time by just saying the administration was focused on everyone except cisgender white men — that would have covered it. We also noticed that LGBTQ+ has become LGBTQI+ (intersex?). We’re not sure if that’s Harris’ thing or if that’s the administration’s official term now.

This is apparently from a joint address with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on human trafficking — which, if the administration really cared, would lead them to close the border. Wouldn’t illegal immigrants make the cut?

This is where those anti-racist “identify your privilege” worksheets could really come in handy. Imagine the intersectionality — what if you’re a disabled indigenous lesbian in the foster care system? Harris has got your back.

Honestly, she looks like such a dork behind a podium.

It really is.


We’ve seen much longer, and they were being serious. What about the number 2 for two-spirited indigenous people? Canada puts us to shame with its LGBTQ alphabet.

So true. The administration has been smart to keep her quiet.


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