Earlier this week, Florida’s very own David Hogg, the pride of Harvard himself, tweeted out a message of solidarity with Florida students who “are walking out in protest of Desantis’s don’t say gay bill Tweet out your support with #LetFreeFloridaSayGay” (punctuation can be your friend, David, if you let it):

Well, for what it’s worth, Patton Oswalt was totally thrilled and fist-pumpy and everything:

Yeah! GOOD!

From what you have read? Well, pal, there’s your problem right there. Because it would seem that Patton hasn’t actually read any of it. Unless, of course, you count David Hogg’s tweets as reading.

That seems like a pretty reasonable guess, but Keri Smith is apparently a patient gal, so she gave Patton a chance to defend his position. And he did just that.

We kid, of course:

We understand blocking someone who harasses you. Who publicly berates you or threatens you.

But someone who politely asks you a perfectly reasonable question should not be on your block list. At least not if you’re confident that you know more than they do.

That Patton Oswalt blocked that tweet suggests that he is not, in fact, educated about the things he holds opinions on. At least when it comes to this particular thing.

There’s no shame in admitting you were wrong. Particularly if being wrong means that things aren’t as bad as you initially thought. Come on, Patton. Just admit it!

Oh, snap.


You might be in a cult, Patton. An illiterate one at that.

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