Liberal comedian Patton Oswalt rang in the New Year with his “real friend” Dave Chappelle:

Indeed, Oswalt couldn’t ask for much more. Except, perhaps, for the public’s forgiveness.

Actually, Oswalt didn’t ask for the public’s forgiveness; he begged for it.

No, seriously. He begged:

Or, Patton — and hear us out here — maybe it’s the rabid SJW Outrage Brigade who needs growth. What in the hell does Oswalt have to apologize for? It’s not like he was posing for a photo with David Duke. He had an arm around his friend. His “real friend,” in his own words.

But what sort of “real friend” — what sort of comedian — prostrates himself before a horde of angry busybodies who literally have nothing better to do than be angry busybodies?

And now he’s trending on Twitter:

As if this will gain him respect. He’s looking for respect from the wrong people and setting fire to whatever respect anyone who matters might’ve still had left for him. It’s pathetic.

Nothing. Dave Chappelle didn’t do anything but make people laugh by being an equal-opportunity offender.

No kidding. We would never presume to speak for Dave Chappelle, but if we were in his position, we’d be royally pissed off, to say the least.

Stand up for your real friend, Patton. The way he would’ve stood up for you.

Can’t stop, won’t stop. And even if he can stop, it’s probably too late for him. Oswalt’s made it abundantly clear that he can be made without much force to bend both knees to the Rage Mob.

Give them an inch, Patton, and they’ll take a million miles.

It’s definitely a huge problem with progressives. And they never seem to learn any lessons. They keep bending over, only encouraging the Woke Mob to push down even harder.

What a stupid time to be alive.

We’ll give the last word to comedian Vito Gesualdi, who was expected to pay the price for contending that Dave Chappelle is funny. Gesualdi actually did pay the price when he was assaulted by “peaceful” protesters. And he still didn’t apologize for offending the Woke Mob’s delicate sensibilities.