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Scott Presler, Sarah Fields and Others' DEEP-DIVE on Dem Staffer Bragging About Paid-Off Loans Is BRUTAL


As Twitchy readers know, Democrat staffer Ben Kamens bragged about Biden canceling his school loan debt QUITE publicly for all of Twitter to see. We were embarrassed for Ben who for some reason couldn't pay off a small amount in 14 years ... not to mention he shared a LOT of personal info.


In case you missed it:

Forget that Biden didn't pay off Ben's debt.

No, he just passed it off to millions of other Americans who may have already paid their loans off OR who never had a chance to go to college.

Case in point:

So, we're thinking it wasn't very smart for Ben to share his information in such a public way just so he could play politics and support Biden. Did he really think it was smart to share that letter with millions of strangers?


Biden voters, right?

Plenty of people dragged Ben, but then people started doing some digging and well ... yeah.


OOF. Maybe Ben should've spent that money paying off his school loans?

Just spitballing.

Not a great look, Ben.

Ben actually made a great argument AGAINST the govt. paying off school loans.


Oh, and then Sarah Fields and Scott Presler got ahold of him.


Yeah, we don't see this getting better for Ben anytime soon.


Seems Ben locked his account down:


Awww, ya' hate to see it.




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