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Comms Director for Rep. Kaptur Gets DRAGGED After Thanking Biden Forgiving His Student Loans


Student loan forgiveness is one of the biggest transfers of wealth from the middle- and lower-classes to wealthy, privileged people who spent tens of thousands of dollars majoring in Taylor Swift.


So when the Biden administration crows about forgiving student loans -- circumventing SCOTUS in the process -- they're not rewarding poor and needy people. They're giving handouts to their ideological allies.

Like Ben Kamens, who is the communications director for Rep. Marcy Kaptur. According to Glassdoor, the average salary in that position is $96,000 a year.

But you just paid off his student loans.

Notice he thanks Biden, and not the taxpayers -- the majority of whom either did not go to college or paid off their loans -- who actually paid his debt.

Also, notice how he basically says this is an election bribe.

We did.

Which is ridiculous.

And he's earning that ratio.



With our own money.


Somehow we doubt that'll happen.


That's why he posted it on X.


Tell us more about the wealthy paying their fair share, Biden.

People are livid.

And rightly so.

Nice gig if you can get it, huh?

Six figure salary and families struggling to put food on the table are paying his loans.

Equity. Or something.

Also this.


Can't imagine at all.

They're not even trying to hide it.

The RNC should make this post an ad.


Don't worry -- we have a screen cap if he does delete it.

The Internet is forever.

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