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And?! Biden BRAGGING About Standing With a Black Man on Memorial Day Does NOT Go Well, At ALL (Watch)


Guys, Biden wants everyone to know that he's totally not racist because he has black friends and stuff. Well, he wants us to know he proudly stood with a black man on Memorial Day but that's pretty much the same thing, right?


No, really.

We're not entirely sure why he thinks this is a big deal but ... here we are.

Say what now?

Lots of people stood with black men and black women on Memorial Day, Joe. That's not a big deal in 2024. Heck, that hasn't been a big deal in decades and yet ol' Joe wants brownie points for it. Weird flex, right?

What, does he want a smiley face sticker?


No one has been home in a LOOOOOONG time.

Fair point - we hadn't thought of it that way.



This definitely sounds like a 'please clap' moment.



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