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Meet the Canadian Katherine Maher: Head of CBC Is EXACTLY As Deranged a Leftist As NPR CEO


It's been a heckuva week for Katherine Maher, hasn't it? The CEO of National Public Radio (NPR) has been exposed over and over and over again as just the worst kind of human being. And the best part is, it wasn't because of anything anyone said ABOUT her. It was all due to her OWN words that people simply posted on Twitter for the world to see.


We wonder if Maher has nightmares about Christopher Rufo. We certainly hope so.  

But while we will continue to cover all of the nightmarish, racist, and totalitarian things that Maher says (until she hopefully is fired), we wanted to take a little break from talking about her to introduce Twitchy readers to her doppelganger in Canada: Catherine Tait.

We don't know as much about Tait. Let's face it, Canada has been lost for a long time and will be for much longer. We focus more on America, which is still saveable. But it still is important when we see horrible behavior from anyone in a position of power in a Western nation.

Thanks to economist and independent journalist Chris Brunet -- who also helped to expose DEI at the Federal Reserve with Rufo and Luke Rosiak -- we learned a LOT this week about Tait ... and ain't none of it good. 

The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBS) is the oldest existing broadcast network in Canada. It controls multiple English and French television and radio stations, along with many digital media outlets. Like NPR, the CBC is partially funded by the Canadian government. 


So, half a million dollars a year doesn't seem too exorbitant for someone to run that giant media operation. But let's find out a little more about Tait, shall we? 

Oh, well that seems nic ... wait, what? The head of the CBC doesn't even live in Canada? That seems odd (though who can blame her, right?) for a government-salaried employee.

Why is the head of a foreign media operation contributing to an American presidential candidate? Granted, it was a pretty small amount in 2016, but this seems like foreign election interference. 

Like NPR's entire staff, the donations, of course, only go to one party. 

And there it is. Like clockwork. DEI mandates from an AWFL. (The tweet above concludes, 'and members of the LGBT community.' Because of course.) 


Here is the full quote: 

I was thinking about the British Empire and how, if you were there and you were the viceroy of India, you would feel that you were doing only good for the people of India. Or similar, if you were in French Africa, you would think, I’m educating them, I’m bringing their resources to the world, and I’m helping them. There was a time when cultural imperialism was absolutely accepted. Fast forward to what happens after imperialism and the damage that can do to local communities. So all I would say is, let us be mindful of how it is we as Canadians respond to global companies coming into our country."

LOL. Yes, creating content that is broadcast worldwide is EXACTLY like the British Empire colonizing India and Africa. People like Tait actually BELIEVE these things.

Shocker. A broadcasting company focused on going woke can't turn a profit. Time to let some of those 'diverse' workers go. But don't worry. The executives will still get fat bonus checks. 


Well, this is no surprise. Even though Canada doesn't have a First Amendment, Tait believes -- like Maher here in the States -- that free speech IS the problem. Fortunately, as we have seen with Brazil, Elon Musk is likely to tell Tait and Trudeau to get bent if they ever ask him for any support of such legislation.

And just in case Twitter doesn't want to censor anyone, Tait makes sure the Canadian government will do it for them. 

Yikes. Canada might need its own version of the Twitter Files. 

But Tait didn't seem to have any problem spreading 'misinformation' on her networks when it came to the Candian Trucker Convoy: 

It's always Russia. 

It keeps getting worse. 


... sigh ... Why can't they just leave the children alone? EVER? 

Unlike the United States, racial quotas are NOT illegal in Canada. Tait is free to impose her DEI 'standards' on her entire organization. And don't just take Brunet's word for it. Here is Tait herself saying that a DEI lens (called 'EDI' in Canada) is at the heart of EVERYTHING she does. 

In case you were wondering, she also supports penalties for anyone who doesn't 'affirm' everyone in the alphabet mafia: 


Isn't it curious how the 'anti-fascists' are always telling everyone else what they MUST do?


It seems weird then that only CERTAIN people are eligible for the CBC to celebrate their heritage. Jews, Latinos, Middle Easterners, and Hindus need not apply. Some pigs are more equal than others for Tait, it would seem.

And, finally, you will rest assured that Tait has no concept of fiscal responsibility ... when it comes to herself, that is.

You would think if your network is hemorrhaging dollars, it might be a time for some personal austerity. But that's not how Marxism works. She is one of the privileged, you see. 


The only smart thing that Tait seems to do is not tweet out her awfulness as often as Maher at NPR seems to have done. 

Again, this is Canada, so none of this comes as a surprise. But it is still shocking to see it all laid out like that. This is excellent reporting from Brunet. 

Fortunately, no Americans are ever going to pay much attention to what the CBC says. However, for Canadians, it seems clear that their monopolistic public broadcasting corporation has been completely ideologically captured. 

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