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BOOM: James Woods Sums Up ... and ENDS ... the Entire Gun Debate in One Simple Meme

Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File

Contrary to rumor, we here at Twitchy are not, in fact, the personal press agents for actor James Woods, LOL. We just happen to love the man because he drops so many truth bombs on Twitter, they're impossible to resist. 


Just this week, the two-time Academy Award nominee has epically dunked on Don Lemon, Eric Swalwell, and Joe Biden's unconstitutional college loan 'forgiveness' program. He's murdered more leftist narratives than Jack Crow did vamps in John Carpenter's Vampires

Last night, Woods set his sights on the gun control debate. With one single meme, Woods demolished leftist narratives on the gun debate almost as well as Lily Tang Williams sent David Hogg to his room without his juice box

We can just hear the leftists screaming, 'SOURCE, PLEASE.' Because the left can't meme. 

But let's take a minute to bask in the glory of this meme and list many of the Democrat talking points it demolishes. 

  1. 'But red states have the worst crime.'
    No. Urban areas in America, all almost exclusively blue, have the worst crime. Step outside of blue cities and crime drops dramatically.
  2. 'You can't fight the government with your AR-15'
    Oh, really? There are nearly 400 million guns in America and they are spread all across the country. Good luck tracking them all down with your F-15s, Joe Biden and Eric Swalwell.
  3. 'These are weapons of war and no citizen should have them'
    LOL. Look at the map again and see how many law-abiding citizens have guns and how there is not a crime wave in that sea of red. 

We could probably go on for a while, but that's good enough for starters. Guns are not the issue. Democrat policies that don't punish criminals are the issue. 


We could cite all of the crime statistics that show how often shootings are committed by repeat offenders who were repeatedly let off scot-free by Soros-funded DAs, but the meme speaks for itself. 

Just take the latest incident that Democrats are trying to turn into another George Floyd: Dexter Reed. Not only is there practically an entire media blackout about the fact that Reed shot at police first, but virtually no mainstream media story mentions Reed's long rap sheet, including facing other gun charges, yet still had his weapons illegally. (The media also ignores that Reed was wearing a ski mask. In his car. In March. Because that's not suspicious at all.) 

We don't have a degree in rocket surgery, but we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night and we understand it perfectly. 

The meme also does a great job of showing Democrats that they will NEVER be able to take guns away from Americans for one very good reason. 



We're pretty certain she is being sarcastic here but ... we're listening, LOL. 

Democrats like to mock conservative men for having guns to 'compensate' for something, but they never seem to be able to answer when a conservative gun-owning woman asks, 'What am I compensating for?'

That's one girl who will never grow up afraid of being assaulted or worse. 


OF COURSE, Facebook and Instagram won't allow this meme. It contains too much truth. 

We may never fully appreciate how important it was that Elon Musk bought Twitter. 

Oh, the left won't ever stop demanding to take our guns. But they might as well be screaming against a brick wall. 

Thanks to free speech platforms like Twitter and accounts like James Woods, their arguments get debunked almost as soon as they make them. 

But we forgot to thank Woods for one more benefit of the meme he tweeted: it's a great real estate map if anyone is looking for great places to live ... and where to avoid at all costs. 

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