Late last year former Michigan governor and current Biden administration Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was completely stumped by a question about how much oil Americans use every day, but she’s made it clear that the solution for people who are feeling the pinch from high gas prices is to buy an electric vehicle. The same month Granholm was stumped by the oil question, she was asked about the Biden administration’s plan to bring down gas prices. Her response? A big fit of laughter.

Today Granholm outdid herself yet again after being asked about the price of gas, and from the sound of things in the room at a Senate hearing some people thought her response was hilarious:

There’s yet another clip that the GOP should try and fit into an ad ahead of the midterms.

“$4.50 a gallon for gas putting too much of a strain on your wallet? Just buy a $60,000 electric car!” These people couldn’t possibly be more out of touch.

They make that clearer every single day.



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