Remember late last year when Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm had a big laugh after being asked about President Biden’s plan to bring down gas prices? The price of gas is even higher now but they’re still laughing at us while hoping we’re also stupid.

Granholm is now advising Americans who are struggling amid inflation and high gas prices how they can “save” some money, and this advice would eliminate the need to purchase gasoline:

Unsurprisingly, MSNBC host Chris Hayes didn’t bother to point out the little flaw in Granholm’s money-saving advice:

Yesterday President Biden took a similar approach when he said people could save $80 a month on gas by purchasing an electric car. Biden of course didn’t bother to factor in what that monthly payment on that electric vehicle would be.

Every single “initiative” this administration has will cost Americans more money and it’s too bad the power of their gaslighting can’t be harnessed because the country’s energy problems would be permanently solved.



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