Breaking news from Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm for anyone considering holding Joe Biden accountable for rising gas prices:


What possible role could the President of the United States in gasoline prices when all he can really do is push policies that necessarily inflate gasoline prices?

Well, in any event, Granholm may contend that Joe Biden has nothing to do with high gas prices, but that doesn’t mean she’s not glad that gas prices are high:

But … but Joe Biden literally just said that his effort to combat climate change is not increasing gas prices:

What’s going on?

Is … is it possible that Jennifer Granholm is full of crap?

Who could possibly forget that cackle?

She really should be more careful. But not too careful:

Hey, man. She’s just the U.S. Secretary of Energy. You can’t really expect her to know the answers to questions like that.

Clearly it was her competence that made her such an attractive choice to Joe Biden when he was looking for an energy secretary.

Maybe we should put a server in charge of the U.S. Department of Energy. Certainly couldn’t do any worse that Jennifer Granholm.



Something we didn’t mention earlier but should have is that Jennifer Granholm may be an awful garbage person, but odds are slim to none that she genuinely has no clue how much oil we consume every day.



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