President Joe Biden got trotted out today to remind us that the inflation that’s gradually pricing many Americans out of buying things like food and gas isn’t his fault. But rest assured: even though it’s not his fault, he’s going to make sure it gets fixed.

Bask in the glow of Joe Biden’s genius. Bask in it.

Geen. Yus.

Yeah, it’s got to be the oil and gas industries’ fault that the Biden administration tied their hands behind their backs. Good thing Joe’s gonna hold them accountable.

It’s also funny that Joe would say that his effort to combat climate change is not increasing the price of gas, when 13 days ago, his press secretary Jen Psaki specifically said that increased gas prices help the Biden administration make an especially powerful case for legislation to combat climate change.

Here’s an intriguing proposal:

See, now that would be money well spent. Certainly a much better use of our tax dollars than what Joe Biden actually wants to use our money for.

Is it too late to send him back? He seems to have officially passed his expiration date:


And you know what? If you did, you’d still be more coherent than Joe Biden:

This is fine.

Joe Biden is fine.