Is there a rule written down somewhere that liberals have to be extremely cringe?

Because plenty of people on the Right have made us cringe plenty of times, but they’re nothing compared to what lefties have put out there. Case in point, this anti-gasoline music video, featuring a special appearance by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm:

When Granholm laughed at Americans struggling to afford gas, we were pissed. But when she does something like this … well, we’re just embarrassed for her. We suppose we’re still pissed, though, because we had to witness that horrible spectacle.

Forget banning gasoline; how about a ban on nightmare fuel?

Stop it, Siraj! It’s awful and you know it.

We’re cringing because the video is just plain terrible, but also because there are actually people out there who will buy the crap that Granholm et al. are peddling. And that’s just plain depressing.

We’d love to tell them, but they don’t seem like they’d be interested in listening.

All they want to do is siiiiiiiing.

At least until we can figure out what the hell is going on.

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