Earlier this month, Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm got a hearty laugh out of a question about her plans to bring down energy prices. Granholm was amused because the answer to that question is “absolutely nothing,” so she laughed instead:

Granholm’s still spinning like a top on the subject of energy prices, but this time at least she didn’t laugh in our faces. However, watching her trying to explain why Americans getting squeezed hard on energy prices is for their own good is a thing to behold:

Wow, she just said it right out loud.

Getting rid of oil and gas even though there’s no replacement that can come close to filling that gap — what could possibly go wrong?

This winter these same people might be explaining why people freezing is for the good of the planet.

“Climate change”-related policies are about transferring wealth while grabbing more power and not actually solving any alleged problem.



Nightmare fuel: Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm sings the praises of banning gasoline in music video that should’ve been left in the ground