In these tumultuous times, it’s important to remember something very important: Jennifer Granholm is a lousy Secretary of Energy and is really just a lousy person in general.

She was asked today about how the administration plans to get green energy policies greenlit before the midterms, while Congress is still in the Democrats’ control (because let’s face it: the way things are shaping up for November, the Dems’ days are seriously numbered). Granholm responded by … using Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as an excuse to push economically disastrous green energy policy.


What in the world is wrong with that woman?

We’d say that the moment the U.S. Secretary of Energy decides to use an unjust and deadly war to push green energy is an “urgent moment” in its own right — it shows us how urgent it is to get the Biden administration and Democrats the hell away from the controls.

It never gets any less disgusting, no matter how many times they do it.




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