Members of the Biden administration, from the president to Jen Psaki to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, have all claimed that what’s happening with gas prices is all part of an eventual “transition” to clean energy. Because of that narrative, everybody at the White House is doing his and her part. Here’s President Biden’s deputy national security adviser for international economics attempting to explain why increasing domestic production wouldn’t necessarily bring down U.S. gas prices:

Katie Pavlich & Gabby Hoffman are among those who spot yet another lie coming from this administration:

So much for our hopes that spiking fuel prices would hinder the Biden administration’s ability to set new gaslighting records.

The Biden White House’s economic strategy relies on hoping nobody in the U.S. ever had Econ-101.

It’s difficult to reconcile this administration’s pitch to Americans, which is “if you can’t afford gas then maybe it’s time for you to buy an expensive electric car.”



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