Democrat Rahm Emanuel once notoriously advised his party to “never let a serious crisis go to waste,” and that’s exactly what we’re seeing with the Biden administration’s reaction to gas prices that continue to rise. Biden, along with Jen Psaki, are blaming Putin’s invasion of Russia even though prices started going up long before that happened. Is Biden’s “solution” to the problem to ramp up domestic production? Of course not. The Biden strategy to address increasingly unaffordable gasoline is apparently to do nothing until everybody is forced to buy electric cars that many can’t even afford:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg completely agrees.

There isn’t close to enough “clean energy” technology to fill America’s energy needs and yet this administration continues to act as if it could happen if enough people were to will it into existence. The “real world” isn’t a consideration inside their impenetrable bubble.

“Tone deaf” is this administration’s specialty!

And we’re only in year one of the Biden presidency. Imagine the level of cluelessness and/or willful ignorance in the coming months and years.



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