At first, we’d thought this was a Jen Rubin column for the Washington Post — it certainly sounds like one. The Atlantic’s Franklin Foer is bound to get the coveted Ron Klain retweet for this one, in which he claims President Joe Biden is handling the Ukraine crisis better than any other president could. We’ve already had Lincoln Project advisor Stuart Stevens saying that this is a moment Biden “has prepared for his entire life.”

We’re not quite getting it. As soon as he took office, Biden handed the Russians the Nord Stream II pipeline. And he delayed sanctioning Russian oil imports until the Republicans tricked him into doing it. But Foer says we need to give Biden credit where credit is due; after all, he’s sort of stayed out of it and let France and Germany take the heat.

Seriously, Biden gets credit for doing nothing:

Joe Biden hasn’t received the full credit he deserves for his statecraft during this crisis, because he has pursued a policy of self-effacement. Rather than touting his accomplishments in mobilizing a unified global response to the invasion, he has portrayed the stringent sanctions as the triumph of an alliance. By carefully limiting his own public role—and letting France’s Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s Olaf Scholz take turns as the lead faces of NATO—he has left Vladimir Putin with little opportunity to portray the conflict as a standoff with the United States, a narrative that the Russian leader would clearly prefer. He’s shown how to wield American leadership in the face of deep European ambivalence about its exercise.

If there was anyone who was finally shaming Europe into stepping up and ponying up their share to fund NATO, it was Donald Trump. The same Donald Trump whose sanctions on the Nord Stream II pipeline were wiped away by Biden.

They “clarified” that one pretty quickly.

Trump just teed up the invasion and Vladimir Putin waited until Biden was in office to pull the trigger.

Putin certainly didn’t see the Biden administration as a barrier to invading Ukraine or he would have waited it out.

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And just as we called it, here’s the Ronald Klain retweet:


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