We know they think you’re dumb, but sometimes it’s just so blatant that it’s almost stunning. The Biden administration is really going with the story that the high prices we’ve been seeing as the gas pump ever since his inauguration are Russia’s fault. As we all know, President Joe Biden was against the sanctions on Russian energy before he was for them, and Jen Psaki just a week ago tried to downplay the idea that the United States was funding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by saying that Russian oil only makes up 10 percent of what we import.

As Biden would say, come on, man.

Remember when the DCCC tweeted a graph thanking Biden for a two-cent drop in gas prices?

Biden is in Texas today, but obviously nowhere near the border. He’s in Fort Worth talking with veterans about burn pits and veterans’ exposure to other toxic substances, which he brought up in his State of the Union address (and to which he seemed to attribute to his son’s cancer). En route on Air Force One, the gaggle of reporters asked Psaki about gas prices, which she called the “Putin spike.”

And on the ground in Fort Worth, reporters asked Biden about gas prices, and he went with the same script:

Biden said in February he was going to “work like the devil” to get gas prices down, so of course they went up.

And now the media will cover for Biden by saying he was trapped into imposing sanctions by Republicans.