Kamala Harris tried and failed to discuss the energy crisis. Pete Buttigieg tried and failed to explain how we could become less energy-dependent on Russia.

Good thing Jen Psaki was waiting in the wings to have a go at it:

Don’t address any of the actual problems! Just buy electric! Invest in a greener future!

We can’t remember the last time the White House had a good answer on anything. We’re going to stick it to Russia by importing foreign oil instead of drilling our own domestic oil:

And by not putting energy sanctions on Russia.

Confused? We don’t blame you. We’re confused, too. But maybe that’s what Jen Psaki and Joe Biden’s White House are counting on. If we’re confused, maybe we’ll be too preoccupied to call her out on further BS like this:

What’s your point, Jen?

Fair question.

Also a fair question.

Don’t count on Jen to answer either of them, or any other questions that shoot gaping holes in the White House’s narrative.

Jen Psaki and the White House’s rationale makes no logical sense whatsoever.

As long as it doesn’t come from the United States, the White House is fine with it.

And take up kickboxing. Don’t forget to take up kickboxing.

Don’t worry — we’ll definitely remember.

We don’t even believe 10% of what comes out of the Biden administration’s mouths.

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