Kamala Harris clearly isn’t linguistically or mentally equipped to explain U.S. energy policy with regard to Russia.

But if she can’t do it, our transportation secretary should at least be able to do it, right?

Break it down for us, Pete Buttigieg. In layman’s terms, if you prefer:

So, if we’re understanding Pete Buttigieg correctly, importing oil from Iran is not off the table? Is that the official position of the Biden administration? Because that seems kind of … hugely problematic. On a few levels.

We’ve got oil right here, Pete. Something wrong with ours?

Because green energy! Climate science!

They not only want us to suffer, but they want us to suffer while our enemies prosper.

Why be energy-independent when we can line the pockets of murderous authoritarian terrorist regimes?

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

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