This morning, NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie spoke with our illustrious vice president Kamala Harris.

During the conversation, Guthrie asked Harris what weapons we still have in our arsenal when it comes to stopping Vladimir Putin in his quest to take over Ukraine, which, if you’ll recall, is a country in Europe that exists next to another country called Russia. Here’s what Harris had to say about that:


We can’t help but be reminded of the definition of insanity right now.

But hey, we’re understanding people, and we’re willing to hear Kamala Harris out. Let’s give her a chance to make the case for sticking with the status quo with regard to Russia. Like with oil imports, for example:

Oh, OK. Wait, what?

We watched it and listened to it several times and we still have no idea what Harris was trying to say.

We can’t argue with that!

This certainly doesn’t do much to dispel many people’s contention that Joe Biden didn’t choose Kamala Harris as his running mate for her intellect.

Our teeth actually hurt from cringing.

And Ukraine.