If you’re like most people, you decided not to bother tuning into Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address last week. That was a good call on your part.

Also a good call? Stopping by Twitchy to get the highlights. There were quite a few, of course, but arguably none of them could beat this moment from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

We never did get an explanation for that. But that doesn’t mean we have to just move on. Au contraire! That video isn’t finished working its magic. At least not yet.


Who did it? Looks like the culprit, aka the genius, is tweeter @johnhackerla, self-described “VIDEO MEME ASSASSIN 🧑‍💻 | VIDEO EDITOR 🎥 | MEME CREATOR 🇺🇸.”

We find it very hard to believe that, while the video may be fake, it’s not still incredibly accurate. Who among us can’t picture Nancy Pelosi rubbing her sticky little fancy-ice-cream-stained hands together at the prospect of gas becoming increasingly unaffordable and thus making Americans look to the Democrats for more help? It’s no toxic smoke from burn pits or anything, but she’s got to be grinning a lot these days.

Of course! Why wouldn’t she be thrilled right about now?

They certainly did.

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