Joe Biden may have been the one giving last night’s State of the Union Address, but that didn’t mean he was incapable of sharing the spotlight.

In fact, he did share it … even if he didn’t realize that he was being upstaged by Nancy Pelosi:

Could we see that again?

One more time? Maybe it’ll make more sense with additional context:

OK, yeah, no. We’re stumped. Our brains are actually cramping up trying to understand what we have just witnessed.

A whole lotta people are asking themselves — and each other — that question.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

What exactly is in those cookies, Nancy?

Extremely weird.

It’s actually simultaneously fascinating and terrifying. We want so badly to be able to look away, but we can’t. We just can’t.

Knowing that we didn’t vote for any of the three people in that video is only a small comfort, because the fact remains that for the time being, we’re still stuck with them.

That’s entirely possible.

If nothing else, this footage only further confirms that Nancy Pelosi is far past her expiration date.

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