New York Times writer Wajahat Ali, who has promised he’ll “gladly eat crow” if President Trump loses the election in November and leaves the Oval Office “voluntarily,” weighed in on the tight Senate race in South Carolina between Sen. Lindsey Graham and Democrat Jaime Harrison, referring to Graham as “Lady G” in the process.

Maybe hackers got into his Twitter account because that’s exactly the kind of language that appeared on Joy Reid’s old blog after hackers inserted a bunch of homophobic content into it.

We thought a person’s sexuality was their own business, but plenty of people have taken cheap shots at Graham, including Reid, Peter Fonda, Chelsea Handler, Chris Evans, Patti LuPone, and more. Rep. Ilhan Omar told CNN that “lots of Americans” agree with her that Graham is compromised and President Trump is blackmailing him over his homosexuality.

Here’s Ali, who also called Graham a “bootlicking stain”:

Funny how you can be thrown off of Twitter for “deadnaming” a trans person but media types find no problem using homosexuality as a slur when it’s handy. Let’s assume Graham is gay; does that make it OK for a Times writer to call him “Lady G”? Preferred pronouns, please.